Happy birthday, mom!

We kind of not wanted to celebrate it due to my grandma's condition. So we moved the dinner venue to my aunt's house where my grandparents stay.

It's sad to see both my grandparents now are lying still on the bed. However, my grandpa looked a bit healthier and was able to talk a while. But the saddest thing is, he kept looking for my grandma and calling out her name (as he's now unable to see). Usually grandma would response to him but she's unconscious right now :(

Lord, please take care of my beloved ones..

Bid me, baby

just won a bid that I joined just for fun..
and now I'm the new owner of this baby:
thank you, Maia :)


Back to Campus

We had a photoshoot for our initiative ad that we're going to propose to one of our client. The session held in UI Campus, Depok.
Geez, how I miss my golden college-years :)
what a sunny day!

I met Novi, a fellow FDer who has just returned back to Jakarta after 5 years in Jambi. We looked like a long-lost sisters, wearing similar cotton.ink shawl in different colors. Tee-hee!

Damn ebay! :p

I've been hearing lots of rave and reviews about NARS from my FD fellas. Especially their line of blush products which consists of 26 provoking names such as Orgasm, Torrid, Deep Throat, Luster, Crazed etc. Still I couldn't decide whether or not to purchase these beauties, knowing that I'm such a lazy person who barely put make-up even on special occasions. Oh, and my hubby also once stated that I shouldn't hire a make-up artist (for my WEDDING DAY!) because he was afraid I was going to look like a drag. LOL.

I didn't know for sure what made me finally decide that I need at least one of these beauties. Maybe I've been checking the NARS thread in FD too often, the message creeps into my mind and stays under my consciousness :D
After exactly 2 weeks since I hit the "Buy it Now" button, the package arrived yesterday..

Everybody, let's welcome my new baby; NARS blush in ORGASM!

.. and now let's find someone with practice and steady hands to put this on me :p


(not so) Busy Weekend :D

started on Friday night (well, in my calendar, weekend starts officially on Friday night :D), me and the girls I knew from FD had a meet-up at Grand Indonesia. The circle consists of Donna, Putri, Nia, Echy, Willis and hubby, and lastly Dini from Ciciero. We missed Sasha, Ara and Sasti though. We had dinner at Sumpit then browsed around Forever21 where I was able to hold myself from swiping the card for a beautiful dress.Then me, Donna, Putri & Dini felt the urgency of consuming some caffeine and nicotine so we decided to pay Starbucks a visit. We went home at 11.30PM, exactly the same time as Starbucks closed :D

Saturday went just like that. Leki had a workshop at his office, while me & Dante stayed at home. At around 7PM the Aboesoemarnos (Dewo, Cica and Deva, that is) fetched us and we
went to PIM2. Met Icha & Eka -who's 7wks pregnant, CONGRAT!- at the ATM. When we reached the ground floor, still at the escalator, I saw Edo & his wife. I knew he saw us too, but he didn't try to approach us and so did I. Maybe it's better that way.
We had dinner at the foodcourt, went to PIM1 for J-Cool fro-yo, then home. Oh, we met Mbak Yvonne and Dabita too there.

Here are my baby's pics:
enjoying her Strawberry milkshake

I left home at 1PM on Sunday to get my hair cut. While I was out of home, I thought, hey why didn't I prolong the me-time juuusstt a little longer? :D
So I went to this garage sale at Kemang Utara, and spent Rp 100K for a dress and 2 tops (pics coming up later)..
We attended a 5PM Sunday Service at GKI Panglima Polim, met Jerry to have dinner at Pasaraya, then arrived home at 8.30PM.
Leaving home at 9.30PM to watch Star Trek at Hollywood KC. Nice flick, btw.

After seeing Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince trailer, I just can't wait to see the movie!


Passer Baroe

Last Saturday, I went to Passer Baroe with Myrna (my AM), Dante and Leki. We went there by my parents' car, which was left at our home when my family were having a Sing-KL vacation. Arriving at around 2PM, we went straight to Bakmi Gang Kelinci for lunch.

These are what I got: 

a black & white dress, one lost button which I found later on

a cute cyan polkadot mini skirt 


a red with colorful tiny dots midi skirt

detail on tiny dots

a summer dress with beautiful flowers embroidery

detail on embroidery

a cyan dress with anchor-prints, which I planned to shorten

aren't they beautiful? and they only cost me IDR 100K, TOTAL!
Geez, I looooovee treasure-hunting! :)

Oh, and my hubby got himself 10 (yes, TEN!) t-shirts and 1 cargo pants. He was very pleased and proud of himself :p
At night, he made himself busy remodelling his treasures :D

Next destination: Pasar Senen! haha..


Summery colors

Though the weather sometimes plays trick on me, I have a job to make this world a happier and colorful place. Umm.. at least this office :D

Monday outfit:

unbranded dress 
Orange blazer 
Zara Basic gladi heels

Tuesday outfit:

cotton.ink Absolute Boxy in yellow 
unbranded leggings 
unbranded necklace 
Zara Basic gladi heels



i'm testing the new layout..

Another beauties

My cotton.ink package arrived yesterday. YAY! Can't wait to wear these beauties.

(Absolute boxy in yellow and fringe tubular shawl in sap green)

Mikey on MightyBerry®

Grow Up!

there is this person I barely know, though she might claim she knew every single thing about my personal life, or family to be exact. and she's in no position of calling herself 'a friend', at least of mine. 

one day she requested to be added in FB, and I accepted her. reluctantly, I must admit. but then I thought, why let the negativity controls me? why not give her a chance?
it went quite alright afterwards. i chose to ignore her, only there in the list. until one day, she posted a note which bothered me. BIG TIME. then I realized it was a big mistake having this kind of person in my friends list. she's able to view my status, my photos, everything. because this girl is sick in the head (which I found along the way).
then I started to block her from viewing my photos. it went just well, I disallowed myself to view anything from her page. 
when I did my routine while uploading my new photos, I couldn't find her name. she must have removed me from her friends list. OH WHAT A RELIEF WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE. she just lend me her hands to do the 'dirty job' :D

until 2 days ago..
I received another friend request from her.


so you forgave me for sins YOU committed?
such a noble evil you are.
and for the request, I have to say, "thanks but no thanks"
I don't want to be part of your drama, thank you very much.

Last weekend

Sabtu siangnya, ngajak Dante berenang as planned. Seneng banget anak kecilku main air, kebetulan memang lagi panaaass bangeeett duniaaaa! 

Dante & papi Leki :)

Pulang jam 6 sampe rumah, Leki ke kantor ada yang harus diselesain.. BBMan sama Cica, ngajakin jalan. Jam 7an dijemput Cica+Dewo+Deva, capcus deh ke PS. Makan di futkort sajah, gak sempet liat2 karena the krucils udah cranky :-p

Dante ngemil Cheddar fries + Jamocha Shake

Sampe rumah jam 9.30, suamiku udah pulang. Boboin Dante, kali ini tanpa perlawanan yang berarti. Udah ngantuk berats rupanya :-D

Trus gue dan Leki nerusin nonton 24, 2 last episodes.. Daaaannn endingnya gantung *as expected sihh*

Minggu siang rencana mau potong rambut, kok males :p heheh.. lagian kata Leki juga belom gondrong2 amat sih. Jadi rencana pun berubah, ke Ambas mau cari kado buat Kefas, Kevin, dan Deva (banyak ajah utangnya.. hihi). Udah siap2 mau cari taksi, eh si opa-oma dateng. Akhirnya pinjem mobil ke Ambas, papi gak ikut. Ngantuk katanya.
Cari parkiran susah ajaaa yaaa? Buset deeh, pengguna ojek dan taksi macam gue ini sampe sedikit menyesal kenapa harus pinjem mobil..
Akhirnya dapet juga tuh parkiran. Langsung maksi di futkort, trus mau bebelian tapi asli yah, penuuuuh banggeeetttsss! ARGH! Sungguh wrong timing ke Ambas kali ini. Jadinya? Ya gak beli apa-apa. Eh dapet sih, kaus Hema buat Dante dan jaket jins (yang rencananya) buat Deva. Tapi kok sampe rumah, makin diliat makin lucu itu jaket.. Apa buat Dante aja yah? hihihi..

Mikey on MightyBerry®