and stupid
and furious

Me, recently

had dinner with my bebe Andante, mom, dad & bro (minus my hubby since he had a TVC shot) last Sunday at Radja Ketjil PIM2. the foods were nice and surprisingly cheap :)
this was what I wore:

Gloomy long weekend

It started last Wednesday night (3rd Dec) when my babysitter announced her resignation due to her marriage. What made me annoyed and a bit upset is that she didn't give me much time to find her replacement. She told me that she would be leaving by Friday 5th Dec, whereas she knew I'm working and will only be free on weekend. After being strict on my decision, she agreed to leave on Saturday, instead of Friday. 

Saturday morning, my mom-in-law called and said that my father-in-law is being hospitalized. Unconsciously, I kind of expected it, since the possibility was already being discussed when she visited us 2 weeks ago. 
Yet, me & Alex thought there was nothing very serious with his condition and general health. We knew he's been suffering from kidney stones some times ago but we didn't know how serious it was.. 

Until last night, when my sister-in-law called and told me that he fell unconscious after back from the toilet. I could hear my other sister-in-law cried when we talked. 30 minutes later, Alex got another phone-call from Bandung, telling us that my father-in-law was given oxygen-mask to help him breathing normally.
I know how the uncertainty bothers Alex so much, so I told him that he'd better off to Bandung and see for himself.  

He left this morning, and I go to work as usual. My maid will take care of Dante only for today, because the new babysitter from my sister is planned to come tonight. 
When Alex called around 12, I spoke with my father-in-law and he seemed okay. A bit weak, but considered okay. One hour later, Alex texted me, saying that the creatine level in his kidneys is very high and his father's kidneys are only functioning 10% :( 
The doctor advised hemodialysis twice a week but I'm still not sure whether it will be a permanent treatment or just temporary.

After that, I've been searching the net to find more knowledge on the disease and the alternative treatment..

Please pray for my father-in-law, friends..

dear Santa..

I want this for Christmas!

pic from bluefly

Marc by Marc Jacobs
a gorgeous Poppy-color with dot-stamp hobo 

and I think I'm in love all over again :)

Blair Waldorf-ish

my outfit last Friday, inspired by Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl :)

December is here

as much as I want to update this blog frequently, I have to admit that it's rather impossible and quite ambitious :)

last Saturday me, Dante & Alex went to Tasya & Baron's wedding party at Balai Sudirman. The happy couple already had the holy matrimony a week before at GPIB Immanuel, after 12 years of relationship! Wow! Can you imagine, 12 years! I'm really glad the journey has a happy ending (or should I say 'new beginning' instead?).

Here we are :)

a (not so) nice (yester) day

runny and blocked nose

itchy and sore throat

as if that's not enough,
I went home and saw something happened to my new Gaudi blouse..

the red part has faded and made a stain on the white-pleated collar, and the background color of both sleeves are now becoming pinkish, instead of white!


My cute baby Andante

look how cute she is :)


Made up my mind about me having another blog.. I wasn't too sure about this at first, but the more I think about it, the more I feel the urge to do it. I mean, I love writing. Despite the fact that I seldom write, nor have the luxury to do so. 

I just feel that I need this.

thanks for inspiring me, world!