DIY Project

Been quite a long time not updating this blog. I know I've made a promise, but you all know promises are made to be broken, right? :-P

Anyway, works have been crazee lately. And the fact that my baby Andante has been sick for a whole week, is not helping at all.
Poor baby.. She lost her appetite and refused to eat rice. Thank God she's better now. And I really hope she's gonna gain her weight back. Fast.

Got some wild idea to do another Do-It-Myself project after I found an old red skinny jeans which haven't been worn for more than a year.
Still played with Bayclin.. and.. VOILA!

Can't wait to wear it with a loose white tee and boyfriend black blazer.
Which reminds me, I don't have any boyfriend, let alone their blazer. LOL.
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Being girly..

I have read a lotsa rave about BRTC products from FD. I never consider myself a beauty-queen, nor that I have the time and patience to take care of my skin. But the more I read the thread, the more it triggers my curiousity.
Until finally I did some click-click on ebay, and VOILA! Two weeks later, these arrived at my office.

not only that, the seller also gave me these as a bonus :) Nice, huh!
and now, I really really should get used to a new routine every morning and night. I guess beauty has its price *sigh*

Feel like weekend already :)

Today is the election day. Me, Leki, mbak & suster gave our vote at TPS 013 located right in front of our house. How easy! ;-)

Went to Senayan City around 4pm to take Dante watch a movie in cinema for the first time. It was "Ice Age 3". At first, we planned to buy 4.20pm or 4.50pm ticket but they were all sold out.
With 7pm tickets in pocket and 2 hours to spare, we decided to have some snacks and afternoon meal for Dante at the foodcourt. Dim sum for me, Cheese & Cheese baked potato for Leki, and Bakmi GM for Dante :)

Oh, about the movie.. I think it was great. I'm not sure because we only lasted 45 minutes inside :D
Dante kept walking up and down the aisle, and Leki was afraid it might bother others.
Oh well, at least we tried :)


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Let's Cook!

It's been too long since the last time I made my kitchen chaotic :p
Last saturday, I suddenly felt the urgency to do it, so I present you our lunch menu..



· 600g medium large prawns, cleaned and feelers trimmed

· 1/4 tsp pepper

· 1/4 tsp salt

· 1½ tbsp corn flour

· Oil for deep-frying

· 2 salted egg yolks, steamed and lightly smashed

· 30g butter

· 1 tbsp oil

· 1 tsp chopped garlic

· 2 tbsp chopped green onion


· 1 tbsp sugar

· 1 tsp light soya sauce

· 3 tbsp fresh chicken stock or water

Season prawns with pepper. Sprinkle over with corn flour. Heat enough oil in a deep saucepan and deep-fry prawns for 20–30 seconds. Remove and drain oil.

Heat butter and oil in a wok. Add garlic, green onion and fry until fragrant. Blend in salted egg yolks and prawns. Add seasoning and toss briefly until prawns are cooked through.

Transfer to a serving dish and serve immediately.

Looks delicious isn't it? Well, it does taste delicious :D at least that was my hubby told me :)

Rest In Peace, dearest Grandma :)

after 10 days in coma, my grandma finally passed away on Sunday 28th June, 8.16PM at Mitra Gading Hospital.
The funeral took place on Wednesday 1st July at Pondok Rangon Cemetary.

I'm gonna miss you so much, grandma! See you in heaven..

Happy birthday, mom!

We kind of not wanted to celebrate it due to my grandma's condition. So we moved the dinner venue to my aunt's house where my grandparents stay.

It's sad to see both my grandparents now are lying still on the bed. However, my grandpa looked a bit healthier and was able to talk a while. But the saddest thing is, he kept looking for my grandma and calling out her name (as he's now unable to see). Usually grandma would response to him but she's unconscious right now :(

Lord, please take care of my beloved ones..

Bid me, baby

just won a bid that I joined just for fun..
and now I'm the new owner of this baby:
thank you, Maia :)