DIY Project

Been quite a long time not updating this blog. I know I've made a promise, but you all know promises are made to be broken, right? :-P

Anyway, works have been crazee lately. And the fact that my baby Andante has been sick for a whole week, is not helping at all.
Poor baby.. She lost her appetite and refused to eat rice. Thank God she's better now. And I really hope she's gonna gain her weight back. Fast.

Got some wild idea to do another Do-It-Myself project after I found an old red skinny jeans which haven't been worn for more than a year.
Still played with Bayclin.. and.. VOILA!

Can't wait to wear it with a loose white tee and boyfriend black blazer.
Which reminds me, I don't have any boyfriend, let alone their blazer. LOL.
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Being girly..

I have read a lotsa rave about BRTC products from FD. I never consider myself a beauty-queen, nor that I have the time and patience to take care of my skin. But the more I read the thread, the more it triggers my curiousity.
Until finally I did some click-click on ebay, and VOILA! Two weeks later, these arrived at my office.

not only that, the seller also gave me these as a bonus :) Nice, huh!
and now, I really really should get used to a new routine every morning and night. I guess beauty has its price *sigh*

Feel like weekend already :)

Today is the election day. Me, Leki, mbak & suster gave our vote at TPS 013 located right in front of our house. How easy! ;-)

Went to Senayan City around 4pm to take Dante watch a movie in cinema for the first time. It was "Ice Age 3". At first, we planned to buy 4.20pm or 4.50pm ticket but they were all sold out.
With 7pm tickets in pocket and 2 hours to spare, we decided to have some snacks and afternoon meal for Dante at the foodcourt. Dim sum for me, Cheese & Cheese baked potato for Leki, and Bakmi GM for Dante :)

Oh, about the movie.. I think it was great. I'm not sure because we only lasted 45 minutes inside :D
Dante kept walking up and down the aisle, and Leki was afraid it might bother others.
Oh well, at least we tried :)


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Let's Cook!

It's been too long since the last time I made my kitchen chaotic :p
Last saturday, I suddenly felt the urgency to do it, so I present you our lunch menu..



· 600g medium large prawns, cleaned and feelers trimmed

· 1/4 tsp pepper

· 1/4 tsp salt

· 1½ tbsp corn flour

· Oil for deep-frying

· 2 salted egg yolks, steamed and lightly smashed

· 30g butter

· 1 tbsp oil

· 1 tsp chopped garlic

· 2 tbsp chopped green onion


· 1 tbsp sugar

· 1 tsp light soya sauce

· 3 tbsp fresh chicken stock or water

Season prawns with pepper. Sprinkle over with corn flour. Heat enough oil in a deep saucepan and deep-fry prawns for 20–30 seconds. Remove and drain oil.

Heat butter and oil in a wok. Add garlic, green onion and fry until fragrant. Blend in salted egg yolks and prawns. Add seasoning and toss briefly until prawns are cooked through.

Transfer to a serving dish and serve immediately.

Looks delicious isn't it? Well, it does taste delicious :D at least that was my hubby told me :)

Rest In Peace, dearest Grandma :)

after 10 days in coma, my grandma finally passed away on Sunday 28th June, 8.16PM at Mitra Gading Hospital.
The funeral took place on Wednesday 1st July at Pondok Rangon Cemetary.

I'm gonna miss you so much, grandma! See you in heaven..

Happy birthday, mom!

We kind of not wanted to celebrate it due to my grandma's condition. So we moved the dinner venue to my aunt's house where my grandparents stay.

It's sad to see both my grandparents now are lying still on the bed. However, my grandpa looked a bit healthier and was able to talk a while. But the saddest thing is, he kept looking for my grandma and calling out her name (as he's now unable to see). Usually grandma would response to him but she's unconscious right now :(

Lord, please take care of my beloved ones..

Bid me, baby

just won a bid that I joined just for fun..
and now I'm the new owner of this baby:
thank you, Maia :)


Back to Campus

We had a photoshoot for our initiative ad that we're going to propose to one of our client. The session held in UI Campus, Depok.
Geez, how I miss my golden college-years :)
what a sunny day!

I met Novi, a fellow FDer who has just returned back to Jakarta after 5 years in Jambi. We looked like a long-lost sisters, wearing similar shawl in different colors. Tee-hee!

Damn ebay! :p

I've been hearing lots of rave and reviews about NARS from my FD fellas. Especially their line of blush products which consists of 26 provoking names such as Orgasm, Torrid, Deep Throat, Luster, Crazed etc. Still I couldn't decide whether or not to purchase these beauties, knowing that I'm such a lazy person who barely put make-up even on special occasions. Oh, and my hubby also once stated that I shouldn't hire a make-up artist (for my WEDDING DAY!) because he was afraid I was going to look like a drag. LOL.

I didn't know for sure what made me finally decide that I need at least one of these beauties. Maybe I've been checking the NARS thread in FD too often, the message creeps into my mind and stays under my consciousness :D
After exactly 2 weeks since I hit the "Buy it Now" button, the package arrived yesterday..

Everybody, let's welcome my new baby; NARS blush in ORGASM!

.. and now let's find someone with practice and steady hands to put this on me :p


(not so) Busy Weekend :D

started on Friday night (well, in my calendar, weekend starts officially on Friday night :D), me and the girls I knew from FD had a meet-up at Grand Indonesia. The circle consists of Donna, Putri, Nia, Echy, Willis and hubby, and lastly Dini from Ciciero. We missed Sasha, Ara and Sasti though. We had dinner at Sumpit then browsed around Forever21 where I was able to hold myself from swiping the card for a beautiful dress.Then me, Donna, Putri & Dini felt the urgency of consuming some caffeine and nicotine so we decided to pay Starbucks a visit. We went home at 11.30PM, exactly the same time as Starbucks closed :D

Saturday went just like that. Leki had a workshop at his office, while me & Dante stayed at home. At around 7PM the Aboesoemarnos (Dewo, Cica and Deva, that is) fetched us and we
went to PIM2. Met Icha & Eka -who's 7wks pregnant, CONGRAT!- at the ATM. When we reached the ground floor, still at the escalator, I saw Edo & his wife. I knew he saw us too, but he didn't try to approach us and so did I. Maybe it's better that way.
We had dinner at the foodcourt, went to PIM1 for J-Cool fro-yo, then home. Oh, we met Mbak Yvonne and Dabita too there.

Here are my baby's pics:
enjoying her Strawberry milkshake

I left home at 1PM on Sunday to get my hair cut. While I was out of home, I thought, hey why didn't I prolong the me-time juuusstt a little longer? :D
So I went to this garage sale at Kemang Utara, and spent Rp 100K for a dress and 2 tops (pics coming up later)..
We attended a 5PM Sunday Service at GKI Panglima Polim, met Jerry to have dinner at Pasaraya, then arrived home at 8.30PM.
Leaving home at 9.30PM to watch Star Trek at Hollywood KC. Nice flick, btw.

After seeing Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince trailer, I just can't wait to see the movie!


Passer Baroe

Last Saturday, I went to Passer Baroe with Myrna (my AM), Dante and Leki. We went there by my parents' car, which was left at our home when my family were having a Sing-KL vacation. Arriving at around 2PM, we went straight to Bakmi Gang Kelinci for lunch.

These are what I got: 

a black & white dress, one lost button which I found later on

a cute cyan polkadot mini skirt 


a red with colorful tiny dots midi skirt

detail on tiny dots

a summer dress with beautiful flowers embroidery

detail on embroidery

a cyan dress with anchor-prints, which I planned to shorten

aren't they beautiful? and they only cost me IDR 100K, TOTAL!
Geez, I looooovee treasure-hunting! :)

Oh, and my hubby got himself 10 (yes, TEN!) t-shirts and 1 cargo pants. He was very pleased and proud of himself :p
At night, he made himself busy remodelling his treasures :D

Next destination: Pasar Senen! haha..


Summery colors

Though the weather sometimes plays trick on me, I have a job to make this world a happier and colorful place. Umm.. at least this office :D

Monday outfit:

unbranded dress 
Orange blazer 
Zara Basic gladi heels

Tuesday outfit:

 Absolute Boxy in yellow 
unbranded leggings 
unbranded necklace 
Zara Basic gladi heels



i'm testing the new layout..

Another beauties

My package arrived yesterday. YAY! Can't wait to wear these beauties.

(Absolute boxy in yellow and fringe tubular shawl in sap green)

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Grow Up!

there is this person I barely know, though she might claim she knew every single thing about my personal life, or family to be exact. and she's in no position of calling herself 'a friend', at least of mine. 

one day she requested to be added in FB, and I accepted her. reluctantly, I must admit. but then I thought, why let the negativity controls me? why not give her a chance?
it went quite alright afterwards. i chose to ignore her, only there in the list. until one day, she posted a note which bothered me. BIG TIME. then I realized it was a big mistake having this kind of person in my friends list. she's able to view my status, my photos, everything. because this girl is sick in the head (which I found along the way).
then I started to block her from viewing my photos. it went just well, I disallowed myself to view anything from her page. 
when I did my routine while uploading my new photos, I couldn't find her name. she must have removed me from her friends list. OH WHAT A RELIEF WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE. she just lend me her hands to do the 'dirty job' :D

until 2 days ago..
I received another friend request from her.


so you forgave me for sins YOU committed?
such a noble evil you are.
and for the request, I have to say, "thanks but no thanks"
I don't want to be part of your drama, thank you very much.

Last weekend

Sabtu siangnya, ngajak Dante berenang as planned. Seneng banget anak kecilku main air, kebetulan memang lagi panaaass bangeeett duniaaaa! 

Dante & papi Leki :)

Pulang jam 6 sampe rumah, Leki ke kantor ada yang harus diselesain.. BBMan sama Cica, ngajakin jalan. Jam 7an dijemput Cica+Dewo+Deva, capcus deh ke PS. Makan di futkort sajah, gak sempet liat2 karena the krucils udah cranky :-p

Dante ngemil Cheddar fries + Jamocha Shake

Sampe rumah jam 9.30, suamiku udah pulang. Boboin Dante, kali ini tanpa perlawanan yang berarti. Udah ngantuk berats rupanya :-D

Trus gue dan Leki nerusin nonton 24, 2 last episodes.. Daaaannn endingnya gantung *as expected sihh*

Minggu siang rencana mau potong rambut, kok males :p heheh.. lagian kata Leki juga belom gondrong2 amat sih. Jadi rencana pun berubah, ke Ambas mau cari kado buat Kefas, Kevin, dan Deva (banyak ajah utangnya.. hihi). Udah siap2 mau cari taksi, eh si opa-oma dateng. Akhirnya pinjem mobil ke Ambas, papi gak ikut. Ngantuk katanya.
Cari parkiran susah ajaaa yaaa? Buset deeh, pengguna ojek dan taksi macam gue ini sampe sedikit menyesal kenapa harus pinjem mobil..
Akhirnya dapet juga tuh parkiran. Langsung maksi di futkort, trus mau bebelian tapi asli yah, penuuuuh banggeeetttsss! ARGH! Sungguh wrong timing ke Ambas kali ini. Jadinya? Ya gak beli apa-apa. Eh dapet sih, kaus Hema buat Dante dan jaket jins (yang rencananya) buat Deva. Tapi kok sampe rumah, makin diliat makin lucu itu jaket.. Apa buat Dante aja yah? hihihi..

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Night Out

Me and hubby went to X2 to celebrate his friend's birthday.

Have 2 glasses of Smirnoff+Sprite, and I think that's enough for now :D

It's freezing here, thank God I have my krey shawl from with me :)

Catch u later!

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Bandung (at last)

Alex baru pulang jam 2.30an, karena takut bablas (since pesen travel jam 8 pagi) akhirnya kita sok2 gak mau tidur gitu deeeh.. gue cuma bertahan sampe jam 5, tidur sejam lah.. jam 6 bangun dan mandi (bok! rasanya kayak balik ke jaman sekolah dulu!)
taxi udah nongol jam 7an, jam 7.15 kita capcus deh.. kasian Dante masih bengong-bengong dibangunin pagi2 :D
sampe SCBD jam 7.30, Alex masuk & ngurus2 bookingan. YU KNO WAAAATTT?? ternyata salah booking booookkkk! Nama kita gak tercatat karena Alex dengan pintarnya booking buat berangkat hari Minggu, sodara-sodaraaaaa! OH YESSHH!
karena kita yakin banget gak akan ada yg cancel untuk 3 seat, even buat jam-jam selanjutnya, akhirnya diputuskan buat try our luck ke Gambir..
sampe Gambir jam 7.45, langsung beli tiket buat jam 8.30 (bisnis tapinya, eksekutif udah abis). sokay lah ya, daripada harus nunggu 30 menit buat Argo Gede. gue udah pingin merem bawaannya, ngantuk neik!
sambil nunggu, kita gantian sarapan dulu di Dunkin. kenapa gantian, ya karena mustahil bisa sarapan barengan kalo ada si little rascal :p
di kereta, seperti udah gue duga, Dante mondar-mandir jalan ke gerbong lain. duuuhh, aku ngantuuukk naaaaakk.. sama BS aja nda mau ya? nda? ok deeehh bebiihh..
sampe di Bandung jam 11.40 kale, telat ya bok, kalo menurut tiket sih harusnya jam 11.19 udah mendarat. langsung naik taxi ke rumah.. ketemu sama Papi & Mami. so happy to see Papi in better condition. he looks fresh and healthier :)
leha-leha bentar, jam 1.30 naik taxi ke Atmosphere, Alex ada reunian temen2 SMAnya. ngobrol2, makan2, nemenin Dante naik-turun stage & nyanyi lagunya Afgan. yaah, Afgan masih ok lah ya nak, kalo sampe Kangen Band, gue larang dia nonton TV lagi sampe akil baliq :p
jam 6 kita dijemput Kak Imel, Kak Grace & Nenot.. mau ada acara pertemuan keluarga dalam rangka kawinan Nenot & Jerry.

.. sure we'll pray and help you, little sister :)

jam 10.30 sampe rumah, Alex langsung bablas.. gue nemenin Dante yang masih jadi energizer-bunny. aku seneng kamu aktif dan ceria, bebiihh. tapi ini kan udah maleeemm..
jam 11an akhirnya manusia mini itu tidur juga, gue langsung teparrr!

Minggunya di rumah aja sesorean, jam 4.30 ke Gereja sama Mami & Kak Firman. yang lainnya udah gereja pagi, si Papi absen dulu gara2 pinggangnya sakit gendong Daniel :)
selesai Gereja jam 6.30 kita langsung dianter ke Dipati Ukur. karena pesen travelnya yg jam 8 malem (oh tenang, udah diconfirm siangnya :D) masih ada waktu buat makan deh. tapi males yg jauh2 jadi cuma ke sebelah aja, ada Ampera.
berangkat jam 7.45, sampe Jakarta jam 10, langsung naik taxi pulang. hebatnya Dante yg udah ketiduran dari jam 9, bener2 bablas gak bangun meskipun gue gantiin baju. akumulasi cape dari kemarennya kayaknya yah.. poor baby.
jam 12an gue tidur duluan, sementara Alex masih nonton ntah sampe jam brapa..

oyah, poto2 menyusul yah.. males nyolok2 kabel data. hihi..


is no fun when you're broke.

I really should stop buying things and start saving :-D

Luckily they re-run the American Idol Finale today, so I have a strong reason to stay at home in this heavy rain..

And forget the fact that my payday is actually a week away.


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Monday blah!

bangun udah (mayan) pagi, tetep aja baru sampe kantor jam 10 lewat gara2 nungguin ojek langganan *doh*.. padahal harusnya ada skedul meeting jam 10.30.
ternyata eh ternyata, meeting-nya harusnya besok, bok! duh plis doong, gue udah judes ke si mas ojek sampe doi gak enak gituh :)

malemnya pulang bareng Sesek, ditraktir makan pulak! hihiy.. eyke makan tongseng lagi boook, di Cangkir Pangpol. So-so lah makanannya, malah lebih lekker sate kambiang pesenan Sesek yang gue culik 2 tusuk (eh apa 3 ya?) :p

sampe rumah jam 10, Dante udah bobok :(
serba salah deh, pinginnya sih pulang cepet dan main2 dulu sama Dante, tapi pastiiii kejadiannya dia gak akan mau tidur sama BS-nya. Yang mana kalo tidurnya sama gue, bisa ditebak gak akan mau tidur juga.. sampe jam 1an. Duh anakku tercinta, emakmu ini kan kerja yah..

jadi yang ada gue cuma bisa cium2 pipi embemnya aja while she's sleeping.. Love you baby!

penampakan gue hari ini:

polkadot mini dress: unbranded
red tights: unbranded
open-toe ankle boots: unbranded, ITC Kuningan
necklace: unbranded, MKG3


Another Lazy Weekend

Bermalas2an bangun sesiang2nya.. Gak semales itu juga sih. Waktu Alex mau berangkat kerja (dia ada photo shoot lagi) ya gue bangun. Trus nemenin Dante nonton Playhouse Disney meskipun gue setengah gak sadar juga apa yang ditonton :-D
Jam 4 Alex pulang, lanjut lah kita bermalas2an bertiga :-P
Jam 8.30an papimami dateng. Kangen sama cucunya, katanya. Sekalian bawa oleh2 dari kakak gue yang baru melancong ke China. Dante dapet sendal Crocs (yang pastinya kebesaran) warna lavender, gue dapet tas besar Agnes B warna orens (cihuy!), dan Alex dapet kaus Giordano (yang juga kegedean) hihihi.
Tadinya mau makan di Ampera, tapi udah gak ada sayur-mayur, eyke males lah bok. Si papimami juga sih, secara keluarga eyke doyan dedaunan :-P
Muter-muter gak puguh, diputuskan makan Soto Ceker Pangpol. Sampe sana rame gilak! Akhirnya nyebrang makan Bakmi Godhok Apjay. Rame sih ngga, cumaa luammaaaa eddyyaannnn! Ya gak salah juga, secara masaknya pake anglo ye neeiikk.. Not recommended if you are starving to death, like I was.
Sampe rumah udah jam 11 lewat, Dante juga udah cranky ngantuk karena siangnya gak tidur. Papimami langsung pulang, gue boboin Dante, trus nonton tipi deh sama suami..

Sambung besok boleh nggaaaa? Pegel euy ngetik di sindang :-P

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Acrobatic Moves :D

My baby Andante is really excited with her birthday gift. A 4-wheel bicycle. Although she can't drive it right, she loves to spend times on the bike.
And doing some acrobatic moves..

Please don't get yourself hurt, baby :)

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What would you do if you meet someone you least expected to, in a small circle of friends?
A. Pretend you don't see the person
B. Drop a simple "hi & goodbye"

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Sanpachi time!

last night I had dinner with my bestie, maybe you'll know the person in the future :p

anyway, it was at Sanpachi Ramen Melawai.. I always love the ramen there, though the portion is soooo generous I rarely can finish it :D

I had this: Mabo Men

and this: Chicken Gyoza

and here's the kitchen view:

you should try it!

Great News today :D

just got a phone-call that we won the Vitaplus pitch! YEAYYY!!

hopefully it will be a great start to get other brands from Sari Husada :D

anyway, here's my today's outfit:

white loose top: Endorse
star leggings: Endorse Delight *more like fitted pants sih sebenernya*
colorful necklace: unbranded, Blok M Square
gladi heels: Zara


Quick-quack :D

set dah! it's almost mid-May already..

there goes my promise to update this blog frequently :p

just to give a quickie,

and it's 2 weeks before payday :(

A gray feeling

I wish I had the power to see the future
then I might not be hanging on for something I knew I couldn't win


Weekend - Sunday

nerusin cerita wiken aah :-P

bangun siang (banget!) sampe malu nyebut jam brapanya heheh. asli bertiga-tigaan (sama Alex & Dante) bablas! 
jam 2an eyke blenji2 ke Ambas sendirian, Dante sibuk nyuci motor bantuin bapake. sampe rumah udah mefet bgt kudu siap2 gereja. untung gak telat.

gereja jam 5 di GKI Pangpol, ketemu Eggie & Sam *dadah-dadah*
selesai gereja tadinya mo lgsg dijemput papi-mami-Henry-Febe, tapi ternyata pas teleponan mereka masih jaoohh, yoweys pulski dulski. secara kaki kanan eyke juga lecet, neik.. gara2 strap-shoes Zara indang :-P

dijemput jam 7an, cabcus ke Grand Indo, ketemuan juga sama keluarga kakak gue. Makan lah kita di Food Lover, demi memuaskan hasrat yang beda-beda semua :-D
sempet muter2 bentar liat Forever21 *nothing special* dan Zara, tapi ga blanja apa pun.. iya, gue memang banci ITC jadi suka sayang kalo blanja baju mehong *pelit*

waktu gantiin diaper Dante di toilet, dia sempet kejedot pinggiran wastafel book! dan itu cukup kenceng sampe gue & nyokap langsung meringis. herannya anak gue cuma bilang "sakiit" trus lari-larian lagi. she has her mother's toughness.. huahaha!

pulang lah kita jam 10an sampe rumah. Dante bobok, gue & Alex lanjutin nonton MILK. anyway, Sean Penn is sooo cool! beneran gesture-gesture gay-nya dapet banget! juara lah. pantes dapet Oscar.

jam 1an masuk kamar, tidur. Alex masih lanjut nonton documentary-nya Hitler. ih, item putih gitu apa menariknya? :-P

there goes my weekend..

Weekend - Saturday

Woke up at 9, lgsg bangunin Alex. Dia ada skedul TC jam 10, kesian kamu cinkuw. Keliatan bgt tidurnya blm puas, secara minggu ini dia pulang malem-pergi pagi muluw.
Jam 10 lwt Alex brkt, me & Dante have nothing to do. Seperti biasa, Dante nyetel lagu anak-anak jadi ikutan nyanyi deh :-P
Siangnya lewat gitu aja, heavy rain, tadinya mau ajak Dante jalan2 ngga jadi deh. I vaguely remembered trying to doze off several times tp selalu digagalin anakku yg lucuw. Entah narik2 tangan minta diambilin es krim, atau minta digantiin dvd lagunya. Gitu deh..
Jam 4.30 Alex pulang, ga lama tepar lagi dia.
BBM-an sm Cica, akhirnya janjian nge-mall deh. Tadinya mo sekalian jenguk Ganes di RSPP, tnyata udah pulang ke Tj. Barat (sori ya papz!)
Jam 8 kurang dijemput Cica & Deva minus Dewo yg kudu ngelembur pitching. Diputuskan ke PIM ajah, secara eyke mo muntah kalo Senci lagi :-P
Had Bakmi Capcay GM for dinner (ya Tuhan, alangkah males mikirnya gue!) Ga sempet liat2, lgsg pulang karena dua krucils udah cranky rebutan balon.
Di mobil Dante bener2 ga bisa diem. I mean, beneran GA BISA DIEM! Semua tombol dipencetin, semua laci dibukain, kertas2 dibuang2in, gangguin Deva sampe nangis etc. Untung PIM-Bangka deket ye neik!
Sampe rmh, Dante bobo. Me & hubby having quiet time, tiduran sambil pelukan. Alex nonton apalah itu, gue ngapdet blog di  :-)

Udah ah, lo kira gampang ngetik panjang lebar gini pake keypadnya Curve? Beliin bold dong, cin :-P

I'm Back!

hihi.. macam ada yg nyariin :p

eniweeey, sooo many things had happened in the last 3 months. and i must say, i've been through hell. yet i survive. seperti yang selalu gue jadiin mantra buat diri gue sendiri: YOU'RE A SURVIVOR, MIKE! HELL YEAH I AM!

so, i promised to myself that i will write this blog frequently. i definitely will.

chat soon!