Feel like weekend already :)

Today is the election day. Me, Leki, mbak & suster gave our vote at TPS 013 located right in front of our house. How easy! ;-)

Went to Senayan City around 4pm to take Dante watch a movie in cinema for the first time. It was "Ice Age 3". At first, we planned to buy 4.20pm or 4.50pm ticket but they were all sold out.
With 7pm tickets in pocket and 2 hours to spare, we decided to have some snacks and afternoon meal for Dante at the foodcourt. Dim sum for me, Cheese & Cheese baked potato for Leki, and Bakmi GM for Dante :)

Oh, about the movie.. I think it was great. I'm not sure because we only lasted 45 minutes inside :D
Dante kept walking up and down the aisle, and Leki was afraid it might bother others.
Oh well, at least we tried :)


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