DIY Project

Been quite a long time not updating this blog. I know I've made a promise, but you all know promises are made to be broken, right? :-P

Anyway, works have been crazee lately. And the fact that my baby Andante has been sick for a whole week, is not helping at all.
Poor baby.. She lost her appetite and refused to eat rice. Thank God she's better now. And I really hope she's gonna gain her weight back. Fast.

Got some wild idea to do another Do-It-Myself project after I found an old red skinny jeans which haven't been worn for more than a year.
Still played with Bayclin.. and.. VOILA!

Can't wait to wear it with a loose white tee and boyfriend black blazer.
Which reminds me, I don't have any boyfriend, let alone their blazer. LOL.
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